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The Cleeko In The Mirror

"The Cleeko In The Mirror"

Written by: Mystery Mike Hennessey

Inspired by my two Hereos, Dr Seuss & Walt Disney

Copyright 2005

Have you, or anyone,
who comes and goes.
Passed by a mirror,
and thinks that he knows.

You may have seen "something"
quickly inside.
Not to worry my friends,
It's CLEEKO hitching a ride.

A CLEEKO you ask?
What do you mean?
They are very small creatures,
I know you have seen.

They're really quite harmless,
as they jump to and fro,
As they wait for reflections,
when they have somewhere to go.

They live in your mirrors,
Where they eat and they sleep.
Then wave you down,
When meetings to keep.

There could be just one,
Or a family of four.
Who moved into your house,
Or maybe next door.

Thereís no need to fear,
Just wave and say "Hi."
As they jump on board,
When you pass them by.

Some pack their bags,
To visit a friend.
They may go with you,
All the way to the end.

Teenagers will jump,
To head to the beaches.
A teacher will jump,
To the school where she teaches.

Some Momís will go shopping,
To feed her family some nights.
Then jump back with you,
With some tasty delights.

You canít really see them,
If you stop to see.
Just pass on by,
And a rider will be.

But there will be times,
They stay in for the night.
Enjoying a show,
By your TVís light.

If youíre in a hurry,
Please donít forget.
To just wave them on,
So a ride they will get.

Some CLEEKOS will go,
All the way across town.
But many of them,
Like to just settle down.

When you go to movies,
Iím sure theyíll go with you.
If itís a sad one,
Please bring them a tissue.

Some travel for days,
Over the oceans they ride.
On a ship or a plane,
In the mirrors they hide.

Just think of a subway,
and thatís what you are.
Your reflection is what,
helps the CLEEKOS go far.

Again, do not fear,
For they love you so.
For without you,
Theyíd have no where to go.

The next mirror you pass,
"Hop on Board" you should say.
Take your CLEEKO friend with you,
And go out and play.


Written for my beautiful goddaughter Brianna Garvey in celebration of her 4th Birthday. Never Grow Up and donít forget to look in the mirrors.

April 16, 2005

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