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Mystery Mike entertains kids of all ages with interactive, educational programs that use riddles, clues, puzzles, treasure hunts and more to teach children to have fun, learn, and work as a team.
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Secret Spy Training with Mystery Mike

Learn to be a secret agent with Mystery Mike, the most famous goofy, wacky Secret Agent known by children all over the country. Join Mystery Mike as he takes you through the training process which may inclue spy magic, spy challenges, map making, spy gadgets and learning to create and decipher secret codes.

The party ends with a scavenger hunt using all of their "agent training" to help solve a mystery. Each child receives prizes to take home. An official "Spy Certification" is optional as well.

Pirate Camp with Mystery Mike

Aaaaaaaargh! Have ye ever dreamt of becoming an actual Pirate of the 7 1/2 seas? Well here be ye chance mateys! Ye be joining Mystery Mike (aka: Captain Big Mouth) where ye be learning all ye need to be making ye one of the greatest pirates of all time. There may be some pirate magic, and plank walking, as well as other pirate games that we like to be playing on the ship, expecially LIMBO.

Did ye be knowing that pirates used dolphins, turtles and albatross' (a really big bird) to find their way to their treasures along with their compass? Ye might even be learning to create your own treasure maps to search for pirate treasure. The only requirement is that ye have a desire to find treasure wherever you go. Aaaaaaaaargh! Be prepared to Aaaaaaaaargh! Each child will bring home some "treasure" from the party, and an official prirate certificate is optional, as well.

The Original Mystery Party

Mike's Original Mystery Party is not a children's mystery play, it's an interactive adventure! The kids themselves play the part of junior detectives as they help Mumbo Jumbo search out and decipher a series of clues they find throughout the house and yard. Kids are stimulated and challenged as well as wildly entertained. They also collect a lot of neat stuff along the way.

A mystery guest, a bumbling detective, and a rock with a clue sets the stage for an afternoon of fun and hilarity you and your children will not soon forget. Soon after a Mystery Guest arrives (maybe Madame Scooby Dooby Doobwa or Peabody VanBuran), Mom discovers some of the birthday gifts are missing. Enter the lovable detective Mumbo Jumbo Colombo, who arrives at the party just in time to help the children find the missing presents.

Mystery Mike's Original Mystery Party can be themed for you child's favorite character, such as: Scooby Doo, Narnia, Pink Panther, Mario Brothers, Spy Kids, Harry Potter, pirates, Dora the Explorer, or choose your own theme.

The Original Mystery Party if made for kids age 5 & up, and can be designed for one, or one and a half hours.

Ultimate Teen Murder Mystery

It's election night at Anytown High School. The candidates for Student Council along with their teacher, Ms. Spacebar, have gathered at your place to give their final speech's, and to tell everyone why they should be elected to office. But sometime during the speeches one of the promising young candidates turns up dead, and all the other candidates become prime suspects!

Enter an incompetent detective who immediately takes charge of the investigation and orchestrates an evidence hunt. He divides party guests into teams and sends them out in search of clues. Each time a new piece of evidence is discovered the suspects are grilled. Teams are challenged to make accusations, ask questions and test hypotheses - the goal being to solve the mystery and finger the killer (or killers!).

Recommended for children aged 10 and up, The Ultimate Teen Murder Mystery is a blast for everyone in the room because they are all party of the action. Parents are mailed a complete character breakdown, including recommendations for appropriate clothing, once a party date has been secured. Party guests should be encouraged to dress and play the part!

Mystery Mike's Messy! Mayhem

It's wet! It's sticky It's gooey and extremely messy! It's Mike's Messy Mayhem! Messy Mike leads the children outside, lays out tarps, and begins rummaging through the groceries in search of something to do. Minutes later the children may find themselves nose painting with cherry sauce, shampooing with whipped cream, or making jelly sandwiches with their toes. Plus much, much more.

It's amazing just how fun a couple bags of groceries and an everyday garden hose can be. Messy Mike's Mayhem Party is for children aged 3 and up, and is guaranteed to entertain everyone present - including parents - who are welcome and encouraged to get messy too. At the conclusion of the party, the children participate in an equally messy awards ceremony.

Recommended for children aged 3 and up, on a warm day, and that children bring their own towel and a change of clothes.

L.A.'s Got Talent!

Mystery Mike brings the talent and hosts YOUR KIDS' search for the biggest STAR! Karaoke (we bring the equipment), Improv, Skits, Comedy, Dancing... whatever they come up with.

And of course, the judges and their comments (for those kids in the group that don't have their act together yet)

The acts are judged, voted on and applauded. In the end, everyone wins!

More Parties for Teens and Adults

Mysteries By Mike has great party ideas for both kids and adults at your next picnic or company event. Browse the sample themes below for ideas or have Mystery Mike customize a party just for you.

Picnics, Festivals, Corporate Events & Backyard BBQ's - A whacky gamemaster leads your teams in a series of games that might include potato sack races, Bocce ball, croquet, The tug of "peace," volleyball, horseshoes, squirt freeze tag, Mike's Messy! Mayhem (see above), capture the flag, water balloon toss, and more. Clowns, face painting, balloon animals, stilt walkers, and other non-competitive activities round out the day. Or maybe one of the events described below, or whatever else you or your child might dream up...

  • Survivor - Just like the hit TV show, tribes are formed, immunity challenges are met and alliances are created. Survivor parties strengthen team building and cooperation while having a great time. Great for kids and adults age ten and up.

  • The Weakest Link - An awesome high trivia game with questions based on your company's background. Find out "Who is the Weakest Link" on your team! This is also a great game to introduce new hires to the corporate team.
    • MINUTE TO WIN IT! - A brand new addition to Mysteries By Mike! This show is based on the new game show "Minute To Win It," where everyone at the party has to complete certain tasks in 60 seconds or less. Lots of fun for all ages, and a great team building show for corporations.

    • Saboteur - A "Spy vs. Spy" game where teams compete in a series of questions tailored to your family, group or company. One person in the group is out to sabotage the game and must be be discovered before the game is over. A terrific tool for problem solving and also great for ice-breaking solutions.

    • Murder Mystery - An original "Who Done It!" where everyone is a suspect. Participants search for clues and dig for answers following a murder led by a bumbling comic detective. The perfect game for teens, corporate parties or to celebrate a special event.

Booking Details

Call us at 323-654-MIKE to design and schedule your custom party. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit/debit card (credit or debit via PayPal only). A deposit of 50% is required to secure a date, with the remainder due on the day of the party. We don't publish prices because every event is custom designed by you. In general, think in the range of $150 and up for one person, for one hour, plus travel charges for locations beyond Los Angeles city and L.A. neighbors. Mysteries By Mike can accommodate any size party. Basic prices apply to groups of up to twenty. Call for information about larger parties and group events. We can custom fit a party to any situation, occasion or theme.

Mysteries By Mike has entertained over 962,010 kids in Southern California since 1994.
Clients include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Skeet Ulrich, Deirdre Hall, Dee Wallace, Rainn Wilson, Mimi Walters and more.
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